Employee Testimonials


“The application, interview and job acceptance process went smoothly.   I got interviewed a couple times before getting a job proposal. The process was straightforward, the communication was very clear, and I was able to negotiate with them the terms of the new job, from start date, to immigration constraints, to salary, without any issues.””Trust Cortex, they are a solid company and know what they’re doing.  They will support you all the way and make sure you feel comfortable not only through the whole hiring process but also during your time working with them.”

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"Cortex has become a vital part of our team. They listen and customize solutions to our specific needs that help us achieve our goals."
- Fortune 500 Client

“We were very impressed with the ability to quickly find over 100 employee’s in under a month. Their responsiveness and speed to market is second to none.”
- Retail Client

“Cortex provided cost effective, high quality talent that allowed us to stay within our budget and still produce great results”
- High Tech / Electronics Client