Why Nearshore in México?

Because it is the ideal Nearshore location where you can speed up the development of your company while dramatically cutting costs. How? By contracting extended technology teams that work collaboratively using Agile development processes.

“It’s a wonderful place to be, a great place to work. It’s an exciting time. I think, what we went through in Silicon Valley 15 years ago is happening now here. It’s fantastic to see the ecosystem evolving so quickly.”

– Silicon Valley Veteran Andy Kieffer

Guadalajara as Nearshore Destination

“Tech boom takes root in Guadalajara”, says The Washington Post

Working with Cortex Nearshore Solutions in Guadalajara, Mexico, offers many advantages while keeping alive the promised benefits of software development outsourcing.

Cost Competitiveness

Although cost is not the most important, it is one of the main reasons why companies are turning to nearshore. Choosing Mexico is financially reasonable because of minimized recruiting and onboarding costs, which result in a better ROI.

Close Communication

Face-to-face communication is facilitated by the numerous daily non-stop flights between dozens of major US cities and Mexico.

Speaking the Same Language

All of our employees in Austin and Guadalajara are proficient in English.

Geographic Proximity

Mexico is practically next-door. With our headquarters in Austin, TX, and our delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico, Cortex is just a stone’s throw away. Come and visit us. It’s just a 2 to 4-hour flight!

Minimal Risks

With a steady economic growth and foreign direct investment, Mexico is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Engineering Talent

Mexico’s talent pool is vast. Approximately 500,000 IT professionals work in the ITO/BPO sector, and over 80,000 students graduate from IT-related programs every year.

Time-Zone Alignment

A last-minute conference call? No problem! Guadalajara is in Central Standard Time, which means that the maximum time difference between any US office and Cortex’s delivery center is 2 hours.

Cultural Similitude

A strong cultural and economic affinity with the US reduce communication barriers and make the sharing of information fast and efficient.

Strong Business Affinities

Companies using nearshore teams for mobile development can use Agile and SCRUM methods to organize workflow and keep things moving.

What About Intellectual Property (IP) Protection?

Don’t Worry! The North American Free Trade (NAFTA) protects US businesses that partner with nearshore development teams by fully protecting the companies from IP theft. Nearshore teams in Mexico sign non-disclosure agreements and submit to employee background checks.

"Cortex has become a vital part of our team. They listen and customize solutions to our specific needs that help us achieve our goals."
- Fortune 500 Client

“We were very impressed with the ability to quickly find over 100 employee’s in under a month. Their responsiveness and speed to market is second to none.”
- Retail Client

“Cortex provided cost effective, high quality talent that allowed us to stay within our budget and still produce great results”
- High Tech / Electronics Client

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“Be confident that Cortex is a company that will take good care of you as their employee, support you and help you achieve your future goals.”
- Leonel